Bois D’Arc – Defend your Castle from Dark Forces

Download this shooting game for your Tizen phone, “Bois D’ Arc” a tower defense game where your goal is to defend your castle from horde of dark forces.

Choose your hero “ Wilfred Hazardous”,”Leonard Wildburn” or “Tobia Arclightning”, each hero has its own advantage as well as weakness, armed with bow and arrow they will defend you castle from dark forces. The weapon bow and arrow is made from the wood of magical tree Bois D’ Arc, defend your castle, defend Sedonia with your weapon , kill all the enemies trying to destroy your castle.

Defeat all enemies and earn points that you can use to upgrade your weapons such as Elixir, upgrade your bow and arrows or have a blessing from mighty Thunder God or fix your castle with the best material from meteorite. You can also unlock other challenges, complete every level with flying colors and gain different achievements.

The game is just 34.47 MB, and free to download from Tizen Store.


Protect your tower from the hordes of evil forces. Pick out one of three kingdoms bow shooter hero’s in this super addictive and action packed bow shooting game

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