This is what developers for Gear 2 have been waiting for, a Samsung Gear App Challenge, interested developers will compete to create the best app for Gear 2, this is the first Samsung Smart App Challenge for 2014.

Just like the previous Tizen App Challenge the competition will showcase the best apps for Gear 2, submitted by Samsung Gear app developers worldwide.

Samsung Gear App Challenge 2014

If you are asking for the total cash prize for the Samsung Gear App challenge, well it’s a whopping $1,250,000 in total prize money and much more! The contest will start on May 8th, 2014. So what are you waiting for developers this is your chance to showcase your app on Gear 2 as well as your chance to earn money for your app.

To know more about the Samsung Gear App challenge please visit the Samsung wearable page at

There will also a Samsung Gear Hackathon & Developer Day event that will be held all around the world. See the list of countries below:

  • Russia
  • Singapore 4/5 Developer day
  • Malaysia 4/15 Developer day
  • Korea 5/24-25 Hackathon
  • USA Dev lab during Tizen Developer conference
  • Brazil 5/9-10 Developer day Hackathon


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