Starbucks App Available for Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch in Korea

Great news for Starbucks fan in Korea, if they have Samsung Gear S2 they can now use their Samsung Gear S2 to do some transactions using the Starbucks app for Samsung Gear S2.

Starbucks app for Korea Samsung Gear S2

Users with Samsung Gear S2 and with the Starbucks app can keep track their Starbucks reward, they can also pay for Starbucks purchases and other transactions related to Starbucks purchases and promos.

We’re pleased to make the Starbucks digital experience convenient and rewarding for our customers,” said SJ Paik, chief marketing officer, Starbucks Korea. “This new Starbucks app for the Gear S2 smartwatch reflects Starbucks continued commitment globally to lead, innovate and connect with customers using mobile technology.”

The app for Samsung Gear S2 has a unique designed Starbucks smartwatch face that user can access, according to the company new designs will be regularly available on the Samsung Gear S2, providing great and unique Starbucks experience.

StarBucks 2 Samsung Gear S2 app

If you already tried the app of Starbucks for Samsung Gear S2, please feel free to share your experiences on the new app for Gear S2.


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