YouTube To Cut Down Video Default To 480p Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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The global Pandemic Coronavirus, as declared by WHO has brought many changes to the lives of the population all over the world and is continuing affecting them in a lot of ways. The shutdown markets have forced the population to get them hiding in the house. People are attending classes online and working from home. This is a very necessary protective measure taken by the authorities in order to contain the epidemic. But there are some problems being reported by the people lately. Internet speed lacking is one such problem being experienced by people from all across the world.

Quality of Videos based on Resoultion

The lacking speed of the internet is nothing but a result of heavy traffic these days. Moreover, the traffic is a result of people doing nothing but sitting at their home. Also, people are working from home and using more of cellular data instead of Wi-Fi which obviously increases the traffic to a high degree. Internet traffic has affected the You Tube streaming as well and people are experiencing a lot of problem in buffering. Seeing to the congestion, Google is about to lower down the default streaming quality of video streaming down to 480p.

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Bringing Down The Default Quality May Normalize The Traffic

Google is left with no other option but to bring down the default streaming quality to 480 p and that too for a month at least. This measure can help Google to neutralize the traffic available on video streaming platform You Tube.

Ever since the Coronavirus crisis has laid itself to various parts of the world, Google has reported heavy internet traffic on its platforms and that too throughout the day as people are no longer visiting offices for work. Also, a major part of the population has nothing to do but to set at the home and pass their time on various streaming platforms like You Tube. According to reports and Google spokesperson, earlier Google was about to apply this measure only to certain parts of the world. But owing to the seriousness of the situation, now the same is being applied to every part of the world.

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The Decision Is Just For Precaution For Times Ahead

This measure can help them to neutralize the internet traffic in a way to some extent and would be able to provide limited but consistent streaming services to the people. Again, Google said that this is just a precautionary measure and nothing to worry about. The spokesperson of Google mentioned that there is no serious issue faced by them and this decision is not something taken out of no option but to make sure that people are able to use their services without any problem in coming times, if the situation grows serious. The downfall in the streaming quality from high resolution to standard definition is just a decision taken taking care of the demand of the people and as a precautionary measure. They also added that people don’t need to panic about it at all.

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