WhatsApp Examining A New Feature That Will Help Curb The False Informations

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WhatsApp is currently on its way to test out its ability in order to search out the messages available on the Web network directly from an application, so as to ascertain the genuineness, and particularly call out all the fake texts. This feature is on its way to develop and is waiting to arrive for some time now, and is very much expected to turn out sometime real soon in the coming near future. Especially with the recent pandemic coronavirus and the blast of messages that have been continuously flooding over WhatsApp, this attribute will be of great help in order to filter out the misinformation and falsity, and assist in highlighting the credible texts. This feature is not available as yet, so it does not matter even when users are there on a newer beta, they would most probably not be in a position to utilize it.

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WABetaInfo addresses that this feature where there is the ability to search out the texts on the Web network has long been blotched in a code of the new beta version of 2.20.94. The immediate messaging application displays the search icon right next to the forwarded messages, that enable the users to tap on it in order to search the Web network. If you go and click on that, a text will bloop and it will read, “Would you want to search on the Web network? This will simply go on to upload the text on Google.” Press on a ‘Search the Web’ option and then it will go on to search on the Google. The complete text will then be pasted right in that Google Search column, and the relevant results will then be utilized in order to ascertain if the text is fake or it is not. As mentioned above, this attribute is yet not enabled in the beta and is also under development process.

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WhatsApp also went on to confirm the very existence of this attribute. “We are currently working on the new feature of the WhatsApp in order to help and empower the users, so as to ensure they go on to find more information and most importantly an accurate information on the messages the users go on to receive after being forwarded several times already by various users. This attribute is currently under the testing, and the WhatsApp officials are looking forward to bringing this out for the users in the coming near future,” said a spokesperson. To further their efforts so as to curb the fake news, WhatsApp has gone on to recently introduce a WHO dedicated bot to provide the latest updates, mythbusters, and the alerts, on the pandemic coronavirus. This bot on the WhatsApp can well be utilized to access the new and the actual number of the identified and the reported cases, the travel advice, and various other significant news that is related to this unfortunate happening.

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