War Robots Mod v5.8.0 APK [Unlimited Gold & Silver]

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Hi guys, Love to do some battles? Welcome to our site and download War Robots mod apk and battle without being defeated. Money is the essential thing required for purchasing vital items in the game. Our mod will help you in providing unlimited money for free. Follow the instructions provided on our site and install it carefully without missing anything. It is ban-free as you can play the game stress-free.

War Robots Survival APK Information

Name War Robots
Package com.pixonic.wwr
Publisher PIXONIC
Category Action
Version 5.8.0 (Latest)
Size 77M
MOD Features Unlimited Gold,Silver & More
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Install War Robots MOD APK

How to Install War Robots MOD On Your Android Device?

1- First Of All You Have To Uninstall War Robots APK If You Have Downloaded It From Play Store. (Very Important)

2- Second You Have To Open The Android Settings of your Device And Go to Security And Enable Unknown Sources like the below picture.

3- Download War Robots Apk From The Above Button & Install It(”Allow from this source” if your device asks for permission)

4- Now You Have Working War Robots MOD 🙂

War Robots Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlocked all the robots
  • Fully upgraded robots
  • God mode
  • No banning of your account

About War Robots Game

War Robots offers to have action gameplay with realistic graphics. Equip the robots and lands in the battle ground but do not forget to check out its weapon. It is a multiplayer game, which is why high in damage weapon is necessary. Check out your internet connection before the beginning of the War Robots game because it runs online. You will get 3D graphics with high definition audio for the perfect experience.

You can run it on low specification android phones with lightning fast and smooth experience. You can unlock different war machines from the store and do not forget to check out abilities before selecting the one. There is nothing much extra in the main menu except the large button with Start a Fight written on it. Press it and land on the battlefield directly with many other opponents in front of you.

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Features of War Robots you should know

  • Different playstyle- Game can be played in different play styles as you can learn it by watching others. Watch your opponents playing and learn different tactics to play.

  • More than 40 robots- If you want to win the match, then you need to have the perfect robots with the best weapons attached. 40 plus robots are there you can unlock in store. Each one has unique abilities and skills to perform.

  • Multiplayer online- It requires an internet connection to run a game. Find numerous players playing War Robots worldwide and challenge them. You can play with them in a team or against each other.

  • Get regular updates- You will get new changes and improvements in the form of updates. The major update can be of a larger size, so make sure you have enough storage on your phone.

  • New transforming robots- Some robots have specialty to change themselves into a big giant one. A different weapon gets activated for higher damage and more kills.

  • Customization- You can choose your own robot and customize it by adding or removing any weapon you like. Make it robust and undefeatable by making new changes.

What’s New In This Update

 ANNIVERSARY EVENT. Complete tasks — win new items, Titans or Platinum!
– TITAN: Nodens (Support). Your teammates will thank you!
– LEGENDARY PILOT: Arnav Poe (Ravana)
– NEW WEAPONS: Nucleon and Quarker for robots, Cataclysm and Cyclone for Titans
– NEW MODULE: Overdrive Unit
– BALANCE UPDATE: tweaks to Ravana, Blitz, Ao Jun and more
– Check the full notes at warrobots.com

Source: PlayStore

 Gamer Reviews From PlayStore

“One of the best games I have ever come across. You have my words you can download it and have fun. The game also allows you to double ur rewards and xp by watching ads that’s a great thing because it’s way better to watch an 15 sec add gain benifit than pay actual money. The match making is perfect now. The opponents are well balanced, it’s up to you to play well. No excuses ;). And it’s ok sometimes to lose, not a big deal it’s a game!!!. Overall the game is as expected. No regrets :)”


“I get allot of enjoyment out of this game. I feel like it’s robot chess in a way. Played free for a while but I wanted the cool stuff so I started to spend a little. At first it was just premium account then it was the .99/1.99$deals when they’re good. It works out to about 5 bucks a week which is worth it to me. I’ve payed more to get less enjoyment out of things.”


“I LOVE THIS GAME ALL THE WAY. It is the perfect game for those who like to make powerful builds and dominate your opponents. But the one and only problem I have is that ever since I became level 21 I have been put on the team that loses every round. I’m level 23 now and still have only won about 5% of the total matches since then. My clan that I am in right now requires 2300 rank and when I joined I had 3100 rank but now I have dropped down to 1560 rank… HOW!!! no matter what I’m not quitting”

Source: PlayStore


It is not easy to unlock all the robots without spending lots of time on War Robots games. Skip the process and get to the conclusion by using our War Robots mod apk. Get every robot unlocked without spending a single penny or even one second on your gameplay. Battle harder than ever with our fully upgraded robots and become immortal in the game.

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