The highly anticipated Huawei phones Spotted in Database!

by Raul Tizen
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Spotted on the database of TENAA, the much-anticipated launch

The latest smartphones in the making that are the Huawei Nova 7 and the Huawei Nova 7 Pro were very recently spotted or found on TENAA that is a CCC database some days back, with their respective model numbers. Even though, the specifications and the renders have not yet been mentioned on the database, a strong indication of 5G support has been hinted at 5G SA and NSA systems are touted to be supported by the phones in the provided listings. Next month awaits the release of these phones, after P40 series has had a launch on the 26th of March.

The expected specifications and features

The Huawei Nova 7 Pro was provided on the website with the model number of JER-AN10, as on TENAA, while on the other hand, the Huawei Nova 7 was found with the model number JEF-AN00. The CCC database too, had the same aforementioned model numbers. All these factors provide a very clear hint, that in the upcoming days, the smartphones are gearing up for their releases. However, no statements have been issued from the company regarding the same, and there has been no official press release on the matter either. And, the listings have not been populated, so that also means that we do not have a clear idea about the specification of the phone or the renders of the respective phones. Although, TENAA has indicated 5G as well as NSA supports on the series of the Nova 7, the phones are also touted to support handsets that are 3G as well as 4G.

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3C listings also hinted at the phones coming with fast charging of 40W, and the internal codenames of the said phones were also leaked or released. Huawei Nova 7 would be called Jennifer and Huawei Nova 7 Pro has a codename of Jennifer R. Hence, these are the two codenames allotted to the smartphones respectively. While the vanilla Nova 7 is expected, that it shall be powered by Kirin 820 SoC, which is new, on the other hand, for the Nova 7 Pro, it is being said and anticipated that it will come alongside Kirin 990 5D SoC, also, it shall be including, an in-display fingerprint scanner. Thus, these are a few specifications and key features that have been guessed and anticipated with these phones. A lot of hearsay has been going on in the smartphone world regarding the same, and a lot of guesswork has been taking place, of late. This makes the launch of these phones, even grander and highly expected as the audience is waiting for these phones eagerly, since they seem to come, offering a barrage of features that makes a smartphone much more user-friendly and provides a very easy to use and access interface, with the users expecting it to be a hot favourite in the coming days.

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Also, another smartphone, a third variant in the series, the Huawei Nova 7 SE variant has also had its fair share of leaks in the past, and is anticipated to have 22.5W of fast charging, along with a camera that boasts of 64 megapixels.

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