PUBG Mobile Mod Apk v0.18.0 [Unlimited UC & Aimbot]

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Hello, fellas welcome to Download Tizen Apps Website, and here we are going to provide you the best mod app for your PUBG by which you can become pro in no time. You can play the game with guns and unlimited ammo for more fun.

What is PUBG mobile mod apk?

Bit curious to know deep about PUBG Mobile mod apk? We have sorted out the query to perfection with ease. Our developers have got the working mod apk for exciting PUGB Mobile game that is easy to access and apply. With many advanced features to offer like unlimited royale pass, no recoil and auto aim, you will only become master of the game in no time.

Here we are not asking you to pay any penny, don’t go anywhere and grab the opportunity with both hands and dominate PUBG mobile with our mod apk.

 It can be difficult to find the perfect mod, which is to be ban-free, but you can easily get to download PUBG Mobile MOD Apk easily on our website. You can get to have a training area in the game so that you can practice well over there. Moreover, there is no need to practice if you are using our mod version of the game because no one can kill you until and unless you want them to.

About PUBG mobile

PUBG MOBILE is free to play multiplayer mobile game. You can play it anywhere in the world with full intense action. It delivers you high in 3D graphics and high in definition audio for better sensing of the enemies. PUBG will begin from training area and in less than 40 seconds you will get on the plane.

Choose the perfect location and land over there for better loot and safety if you do not want to get killed at the beginning. Classic mode, payload mode, team death match and zombie mode are the types PUBG offers to play. Survival is not necessary in all the modes as team death match can be won by maximum kills. Listen to your leader or become one and guide your squad for chicken dinner but make them land on the safest location first.

100 players will be there in a match including your team which is why you need to pick up the backpack and fill essential items in it. Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok are the maps you can go for but make the right decision here. Payload is the only mode in which you can fly the giant helicopter and kill the enemies from the air. Make sure you reach to the final circle in PUBG MOBILE and seize open fire after reaching.

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PUBG Mobile Features 

  • TDM- It is known as a team deathmatch in which there are 4/4 teams beating each other. You will get to play the game in a small area with all the guns required. Pick them up and start killing them all. The first team to reach 40 kills will be going to kill the match. 

  • Challenges for the crew- If you want to make huge money, then crew challenge are the best option for playing PUBG. You, with your crew, can play the challenge and get to win a real cash prize and UC in your account.

  • UC to purchase items- Unknown cash is the currency in the game with the help of which you can purchase legendary, epic, and rare items. You need to purchase UC by paying real money or by playing crew challenges in the game. 

  • Royale pass- It is the main thing that makes the game more interesting to play. The pass needs to be purchased, and there are two variants of its basic and advance. The basic one is of 600UC, and the advance is of 1800UC. You can get any one of them and redeem various legendry items by completing the mission. 

  • Silver fragments- It is the junior version of UC, which can be added to your account for free. You can purchase outfits and various skins by sliver frags.

  • Mad Miramar Outlast The Sand Storm-Miramar the very first map on pubg mobile gets a new mode with some whopping realistic sand storm mode where players need to survive and fight in the sandstorm mode.

  • Miramar Update: Sandstorm Warning-Miramar map has a whole new feature where in some matches there will be sandstorms in the deserted theme map.Warning: Limited Vision and more action.

  • Cheer Park: Chill Out TogetherA must try mode,Where players can come out to have cool practice session along with that you can chat with other player.This mode allow upto 20 players at a time where players can challenge each other,dance, and can even roast chicken. In short it’s a chilling lobby in the game.

  • Detailed Results: Analyze Battle Metrics- Get a complete overview of damage when you hit different body parts of the enemy. Headshot brings in the maximum damage and is always lethal then the upper body followed by the legs being the lowest damage prone parts of the players.Along with that a comprehensive stat of all weapons are added to the game which helps the player to master each weapon.

  • Bluehole Mode: Are you in or out?-Bluehole mode is a new hardcore challenge added in the game with two bluezones where the old one being the cruising one and the other blue zone is the next safe zone and this forecast’s the next zone will be the inner blue zone.The inner blue zone brings in the same damage as the bigger blue zone so player’s need to be fighting around the inner blue zone until the next safe zone is formed.

Features of PUBG mobile mod

There are tons of features you will be going to get in the PUBG mod application. Those will be going to make your gameplay out of this world. Here are some features for you-

  • No ban- Our PUBG mod cannot be traced, which means your account would not be going to be in danger. You can play the game stress-free without any further issues.
  • Unlimited UC- Every PUBG player knows the value of unknown cash in the game. It is the only thing with the help of which you can purchase the legendary items. Now imagine the unlimited amount of UC in your account. It can be possible only by visiting our site for the mod.
  • Unlimited ammo- It is one of the essential things which will be going to save you from running out of bullets. You can kill as much enemy as you want without any worries.
  • No reduction in health- It is the secret by which you can play the game undefeated. No one can kill you, and in fact, you can kill them all and win the game at ease.  
  • Get all skins- Gamers loves to collect skins of guns, and if you are one of them too, then here is the easiest way to do so. You can get them all in your inventory without any issues.
  • Aimbot- with autoaim gamers can now kill enemies with ease.
  • No Recoil- Recoil control can be made easy with no recoil mod.
  • Wallhack- Wallhack feature helps players to shoot through walls and easily kill enemies camping in houses.
  • Radar ESP- Esp feature helps player to exactly locate the location of enemy players in the map which helps in easily reaching for them and surprise them easily.

PUBG Mobile APK Information

Name PUBG Mobile
Package com.tencent.ig
Publisher PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games
Category Battle Royale
Version 0.18.0 (Latest)
Size 48MB+1.64GB OBB
MOD Features Unlimited UC,BP,Aimbot,Skins & More
Requires Android 4.3 and up

Install PUBG Mobile MOD APK

How to Install PUBG Mobile MOD On Your Android Device?

1- First Of All You Have To Uninstall PUBG Mobile APK If You Have Downloaded It From Play Store. (Very Important)

2- Second You Have To Open The Android Settings of your Device And Go to Security And Enable Unknown Sources like the below picture.


3- Download Pubg Mod Apk From The Above Button & Install It. (”Allow from this source” if your device asks for permission)


4- Download PUBG OBB file From The Above Button, Copy & Paste the Exclusive OBB File in Android >> OBB & Create Folder com.tencent.ig


5- Open the PUBG App

6Agree Terms & Conditions

7- Now You Have Working PUBG Mobile MOD 🙂

What’s New In This Update


Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play!
1) Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PUBG MOBILE, choose one Ultimate set out of two!
2) Anniversary theme items are returning to the Shop.
Arctic Mode is here, a chilling new experience!
1) Fight the elements to keep warm with heated items
2) Scout with the Drone and pick your battles wisely!
Hardcore Mode
1) No sound prompts, manual actions are required. All to give you a more realistic experience.


Update News:
1. Miramar Update
Additional resources have been added to the map, including items and improved graphics.
Added a race track and Golden Mirado to show off your skills in the desert!
2. Sandstorm
Prepare well to survive in the extreme climate!
A sandstorm theme is waiting for you to unlock in the lobby!
3. Cheer Park
Try out this chill 20 player area where you can chat, roast chicken, dance, and challenge each other!
4. Bluehole Mode
Are you in or out to try this new mode?

Source: PlayStore

 Gamer Reviews From PlayStore

“Epic game, love the content and the gameplay. Also, the customization of every single detail in the game is absolutely incredible. However, what I don’t like, is the fact, that this game created 3 different folders in my internal storage! “tencent”, “MidasOversea” and “.backups”. I had to use an app to separate the storage of PubG to its own folder inside Android/data. Tencent Games, can you please explain why you couldn’t put these files into the Android/data folder of PubG?”


“First of all it is the best battle royal game ive ever played, the gameplay is good, graphics are good but it has some minor problems. The only problem that im gonna mention is lag. I think this is the main issue that is ruining the whole gameplay experience. Thats why they should work on it and try to fix this problem as soon as possible.”


“Really Fantastic update!!!!!!! I dont have words to say about the new update;all words will seeem to appear small!! You should also try it by yourself and then you will also have the same review as mine.Wonderful game ever played !!!!!!!! And the amusementpark !what to say about it !!!! But one thing to say is that in my tab it lacks a lot but when i started playing in mobile it dosen’t lacks at all. # PUBG LOVER”

Source: PlayStore

Final words 

Do not want to miss legendary outfits? Come and get PUBG Mobile mod apk from without paying any single penny. Use unlimited UC in our mod and own the complete store of PUBG Mobile in one click. You can have all the weapons skins but do not forget to show it off to your friends. Fly your vehicles in the air and become uncatchable.

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