PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK v0.16.0 [Unlimited UC, Health & Aimbot]

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Hi shooters, cannot get enough kills in PUBG MOBILE LITE? Welcome to our Download Tizen Apps website, where you will be going to find the best PUBG MOBILE LITE Mod APK. Get it downloaded right on your device and play the game with no recoil. Get unlimited UC in your account and purchase as many items as you want to without any second thought. We are here to make your gameplay better and easy.


Package com.tencent.iglite
Publisher Tencent Games
Category Battle Royale
Version 0.16.0 (Latest)
Size 52 MB + 416MB OBB File
MOD Features Unlimited UC,BC,Health & More
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Install PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK

How to Install PUBG Mobile Lite MOD On Your Android Device?

1- First Of All You Have To Uninstall PUBG Mobile Lite APK If You Have Downloaded It From Play Store. (Very Important)

2- Second You Have To Open The Android Settings of your Device And Go to Security And Enable Unknown Sources like the below picture.

3- Download PUBG Mobile Lite Apk From The Above Button & Install It(”Allow from this source” if your device asks for permission)


4- Download PUBG Mobile Lite OBB file From The Above Button, Copy & Paste the Exclusive OBB File in Android >> OBB & Create Folder com.tencent.iglite


5- Open the PUBG Mobile Lite App

6– Agree Terms & Conditions

7- Now You Have Working PUBG Mobile Lite MOD 🙂


PUBG MOBILE LITE is designed to be run on 1GB ram phones. Match lasts for less than 10 minutes and you will be dropped with 59 others in the battlefield. 2km X 2km would be the area on which you will be fighting battle and survival should be your ultimate goal. PUBG MOBILE LITE is designed to consume less storage in your smart-phone and once you get landed in the battlefield you need to start searching weapons for survival. You can explore different places by using vehicle for travelling in PUBG MOBILE.

If you want to have intense experience then warehouse is meant for you in which 4 versus 4 battles with endless opportunities to kill your enemies would be provided by PUBG. Room cards will help you in creating private room where you can play one on one with your friends. You can play it anytime or anywhere in order to have some serious fun.

Unreal Engine creates the best and realistic graphics for better experience. Audio is important for sensing your enemies’ footsteps which is why Unreal has taken care of high definition audio. Invite your friends over and reach to the top of leader board for huge rewards. Built up your own strategy and use it in the middle of the match for longer survival and never let your team-mates die revive them and provide them medical kit for increasing their health

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Features Of PUBG MOBILE LITE You Should Know

If you want to understand the game, then you should need to know about its features. They are the only ones by which you can play the game in a better way. Here are some of the features for you-

  • Team deathmatch- It is one of the best features you will get to experience in the game. In this, there would be two teams fighting each other with different weapons.

  • Vehicles- This makes the game more convenient to play as you can get different vehicles in the game with the help of which you can play the game. 

  • Different weapons- Show your skills by killing your enemies with different weapons in the game. If you are a long range shooter, then sniper will be perfect for you.

  • Air-drop- In the middle of the game, you will get to see air drop dropping from the sky. Loot them and get the most powerful gun of all time.

  • Flare gun- This is the only gun which is not used for fighting enemies. You can use the gun to bring a flare drop in which you can get an untraceable outfit and much more.


Do you want to kill enemies in one shot? If yes, then you should visit our website and grab the perfect PUBG MOBILE LITE mod apk. Install it in your cell-phone can get to have these features-

  • Unlimited UC- You can get unlimited UC in your account so that you can purchase legendary items free of cost without any issue. 
  • Unlimited battle points- BP/BC is the ordinary currency which is used to purchase normal or ordinary items in the game. 
  • Anti-ban- If you are thinking about getting your account ban, then you are wrong because we take care about your account so that it won’t get banned at any cost.
  • Unlocked all skin- This is the attractive thing which can attract your team mates easily. Get all the skins unlocked for your guns. 
  • No recoil- Managing recoil of the guns is not easy as it can ruin your aim. There is no recoil in the guns as you can have the perfect head aim at the enemies.

What’s New In This Update

1. Varenga Spring update:
Picnic Baskets with Flare Guns and Paint Grenades can be found under some Cherry Blossom trees.
Flare Gun: Summons an Air Drop
Paint Grenades: Splashes enemies with spring colors

Map: Added a shelter (with resources) to the North, fine-tuned the industrial area to the Southwest Factory.
Main menu updated to the Spring Theme.

2. New Features: Firearm upgrades! Level up together with your firearms.

3. New Languages: Arabic, Hindi, French, and Spanish.

Source: PlayStore

 Gamer Reviews From PlayStore

“Very fun and addictive. However, could you add an first person mode? I understand you want to keep this version as small as possible, but if you’re able to add a first person mode, that be great. If not that’s fine too. I still enjoy this game. Also great job on the servers. When I’m on 200p – 399p It’s very smooth 400p – 699p it starts to get a bit laggy but not unbearable. 700 – 900 becomes a bit much, however I have won a match or two when I had a good squad and 900+ ping. BTW floating trees.”


“I like this game very much. But the major problem I face is lagging. I play on smooth graphics with medium frame rate but still it lags a lot. Kindly fix this issue. My network connection is good (1.5mbps) and I start playing this game after stoping every background activities and services. But still it lags a lot even at 64 ping kindly fix the lag issue.”


“To be honnest the game operates relatively good on my device. Other than the periodically lags and a few other issues. I really would like to be able to choose my server than it being preselected and also i wish battle royal had more than 60 players. Matches ends too quickly, I’ve never been in a match more than 15 minutes everything is rushed more than the original pubg mobile. I wish that this could be changed but i understand that this is a lite version so that may not be possible”

Source: PlayStore


Kill enemies through walls by looking at them through the wall. Our PUBG MOBILE LITE mod apk has made it possible. Visit our site gets your hands on it and installs it by following our steps. Have unlimited ammos in your weapon and keep firing continuously to your enemies. Surprise your enemies by attacking from unexpected direction. Also get unlimited UC in your account and buy the entire outfit from the store so that you won’t need to miss anyone. Shoot your enemies with zero recoil and have perfect headshot without missing any. Take your PUBG experience to whole another level in no time.

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