Netflix’s Basic Profiles Features Finally Added To Amazon’s Prime Video App!

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One of the most basic features of Netflix, which is also essential for the users is the profiles feature. This feature proves to be beneficial for users that have a single Netflix account for more than one person.

The profiles feature has been there in both Hulu and Netflix apps for a long time. This feature is essential as it allows the users of a single account to have different profiles for themselves.

With a single user having a different profile, all the recommendations, the “last watched”, the “continue watching” options change. For every single user, there are different recommendations and so on. If you have only one user profile for all the users, the recommendations can get messed up and you might not be able to see shows and movies you might like in your recommendations panel.

You may also not be able to continue from exactly where you left because of a havoc in the single user profile. Even though the profiles option is so beneficial to the users of the streaming apps, for some unknown reasons, amazon’s prime video app could not add this small feature in their app for a long time.

Amazon has finally added the profiles feature in countries like India and other Asian as well as African countries. However, a major part of the world population still cannot enjoy the profiles feature in the prime video app that has been available for a very long time in Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix offered 5 profiles only whereas the Hulu streaming platform offered its users up to 6 profiles. Like Hulu, amazon prime is also offering the users up to 6 profiles in the states that have received the profiles options now.

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So if you live in the US, you might have to wait a little longer before you will be getting the option of creating different profiles for different users on the amazon prime video app.

If you do not have this feature yet, you do not have to worry. Amazon is currently working on developing this feature in the United States and other areas as well so you will also get the update with the profiles feature soon.

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Amazon is currently in the phase of developing the feature so you can expect up to 6 profiles as well when you receive the update on your prime video app.

Creating profiles is a feature that is not something complicated or difficult to implement, which is why it is still unclear as to why Amazon has taken so long to develop this simple feature in its app.

Users might not want to share their watch history, recommendations, etc, with the other users of the same account. This is why many people have been disappointed with the prime video app.

Fortunately, this feature has been provided to the users of many countries and will be added soon even in the areas that currently do not have it.

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