Make the best use of Google Duo, in these quarantine days!

by Raul Tizen
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Google duo is one of the most loved apps, across the country. Developed by Google, this app has got a user-friendly approach which makes it an easy app to work with. Here are a few tricks and tips which will allow making the best use of this app, while video calling to your loved ones.

1. Send a message

Even if your family or friends are not available for a chat, voice call or video call. Tell them you miss them by sending a video, audio or even text message.

2. The more, the merrier

Fun always multiplies when more people are coordinating in a video call, whether friends or family. Extract a happy hour from your boring day, one can also organize a video-watching party, as the app allows up to 8 people to join at a time.

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3. Use filters and available effects

Like every video messenger google duo has got, their own. Use those filters to make your video call more interesting and fun. One can add filters and effects by simply clicking on the selfie screen.

4. Start from any browser

 This is the best feature available. One can start up a one on one call from any browser available. All you need is to go to the site and just initiate the call.

5. The “Knock-Knock” feature

It is the fun feature available on duo which helps the person to see your image even before picking up. One can disable the feature if you find it disable the feature, click on the three-dot menu, followed by clicking on “settings” and then on “call settings”, where you can find the required option.

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6. The low-light feature case 

There is lighting problem, no worries, the duo provides a low light mode to adjust your lighting conditions and allows you to have a good quality video call even in dim light, this option also available in “call setting”.

7. Data Saving feature

You are using cellular data, you might make use of this feature to save your data from exhausting. It is also helpful if you are having a poor WIFI signal.

8. Multitasking

Once you start video calling you can multitask by exiting duo and start navigating throughout your phone. The video call appears in a small window at corners which you can freely move throughout your screen.

9. Record of your calls

Just as you can keep a track of your normal voice calls, google duo allows you to maintain the history of video calls and voice calls made. It also gives quick access to the last call made.

10. Always organize your notifications

You can manage your notification. Duo allows you to control the notification according to your preference for calls, messages and other settings.

11.   The one and only “dark mode”

Nowadays every app is featuring this mode. It is being loved by people worldwide. Hence google duo took no time to incorporate this lovely feature which you can use if you want else to go for classic style.

12.   Block the unwanted

One can easily block the trouble-making and annoying people, whom you don’t want to connect in any way.

13. Privacy 

Chats and calls all operations are done are encrypted end to end by default.

Any effect/filter used is not on a server. Anyone can see the privacy policies by clicking on the link “privacy in the duo”.

14. Delete google account if desired

Can delete the google account if you desired.

15. Sign out of duo account

One desires, he/she can sign-out of the duo account or even can delete the same. Therefore google account is indeed an all-round player doing quite well in its games. So as you stay at home, you can still enjoy the company of your loved ones by using this wonderful app.

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