Lords Mobile Mod APK v2.21 [Unlimited Gems/Coins]

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Hello, gamers busy in developing your own castle in Lords Mobile? Have a look at exciting Lords Mobile Mod Apk on our Download Tizen Apps Website. We bet you will be going to love it at first glance. It is very powerful and filled with a lot of features like unlimited gems, VIP features unlocked, and much more. If you want to get them all, then grab your mod soon on our site. 

Lords Mobile APK Information

Name Lords Mobile
Package com.igg.android.lordsmobile
Publisher IGG.COM
Category Strategy
Version 2.21 (Latest)
Size 73 MB + 470MB OBB File
MOD Features Unlimited Gems,Coins & More
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Install Lords Mobile MOD APK

How to Install Lords Mobile MOD On Your Android Device?

1- First Of All You Have To Uninstall Lords Mobile APK If You Have Downloaded It From Play Store. (Very Important)

2- Second You Have To Open The Android Settings of your Device And Go to Security And Enable Unknown Sources like the below picture.

3- Download Lords Mobile Apk From The Above Button & Install It(”Allow from this source” if your device asks for permission)


4- Download Lords Mobile OBB file From The Above Button, Copy & Paste the Exclusive OBB File in Android >> OBB & Create Folder com.igg.android.lordsmobile


5- Open the Lords Mobile App

6– Agree Terms & Conditions

7- Now You Have Working Lords Mobile MOD 🙂

About Lords Mobile game

Lords mobile needs a true hero who can safeguard the kingdoms. Recruit your troops and go for the battle with various heroes besides you. Create a magical world for yourself by training dark elves, steampunks robots, etc and assemble the whole army.

Do some research and upgrade your building for better defense and do not forget to train your heroes. It would lead your kingdoms to rise way about the sky but no random attacks should be tried you should first form the perfect formation in Lords Mobile. Practice is the only key to win the battle which is why there is practice mode available for you. At least 5 heroes should be there on your team for better defense.

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Features of Lords Mobile You Should Know

There are numerous features of the game you should know about by which you can easily get to understand your game in no time. Here are some for you-

  • Upgrade your troops- There is a specific level of the troops which you need to upgrade them. After upgrading, your troops will be going to feel more powerful.

  • Forming of the troops- In the game, you can create a separate section for the separate troops so that they can easily get to be identified in the game. 

  • Different abilities- Every single type of troop have different and outstanding abilities on the basis of which you can get to play the game. 

  • Online game- This game runs online as you can find different players around the globe and fight them. You cannot get to find them via staying offline in the game.

Lords Mobile Mod Apk Features

If you really are fed up from getting defeated again and again, then we are here for your help. Our Lords Mobile mod apk will be going to make yon undefeated. Here are some features for you-

  • No, lose- This is the first thing you should know about the mod that no one can come to make you defeat in terms of battle.
  • Unlimited gems- You will get to have infinite gems and coins which you can use in terms of upgrading your troops easily in the game.
  • No waiting time- There is no waiting time in the upgrading of the troops as we know no one loves to wait, which is why here is our perfect mod for you.
  • Increased health- The health of your troops is to be increased as compared to the others so that you can fight much better without being defeated.
  • Auto-battle – Your troops will be going to fight automatically as your presence is not compulsory.
  • Extra experience- You will get to gain extra experience at the time of winning. Experience points are those who will be going to take your troops to whole another level.
  • No ban- You do not need to worry about getting your account ban. This is the biggest fear people faces while using the mod, but we have taken care of the issue. You can use our mod without any fear and get to play the game better.

What’s New In This Update

# Updated Hero models and added Hero voices!
# New Feudal Wonders: Baron’s Frost & Baron’s Glacier! (Check in-game for more details)
# Updated rules for guild invites, guild applications, changing guild’s home Kingdom, and guild leadership transfers for restricted/protected Kingdoms
# New Settings: Toggle [Route Display]: Strong/Medium/Light; Toggle [Voices]: On/Off; Toggle [Hero Shadow Quality]: High/Low
# Cracked down on fraudulent activities: Optimized troop deployments

Source: PlayStore

 Gamer Reviews From PlayStore

“I’ll rate this three stars. I’ve played this game for one and a half year now, and still counting( wont be long till i uninstall this). I recommend this game only for rich and people who have no work or chores to do. This is unfair, in every kingdom eary players dominate and for new players? they dont even stand a chance. This game is the best game to explain PAY TO WIN game but with mod apk you can win it with ease. No cash means no victory. I suggest a new server where new players have actual chance to win atleast once.”


“One of the best games out there! Excellently balanced, exciting, varied, no adverts, and if you want to not spend a single penny you can and still have a good time! I have bought a game pack with no pressure because after playing for a few days I’d happy pay up to £5 for this game!”


“It is nice, but it has to be without net because, some children also plays in the game ,so when recharge has end what will we do we will offline then ,and we will be attack or our guild mates will kick ours … I’m also a child I’m also offline because my net pack has ended ….Tell me , What I do ? Protect me in maintainence shield please till I come online”

Source: PlayStore

Final lines

Want to get auto battles in your Lords Mobile? Here is Lords Mobile mod apk for you, install it and unlock 15 new VIP features on the spot. Your health and attacking power will increase by the help of our mod. Just install it and increase your food production by 25% and feed your troops more to make them stronger. Boost in experience level is necessary but it can only be boosted by spending real money which you do not need to. Our mod can do it for free and your troops can level up in no time.

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