LG G9 ThinQ is around the corner Backed by a 4000mAh battery and a SD765G under the hood

by Raul Tizen
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The minds at LG have decided to finally bring about the next phone in their G series line of flagships – the LG G9 ThinQ. The phone is the successor to the very capable but under the radar G8 ThinQ and is on its way to be the first 5G flagship phone in G lineup. It’s not the first 5G capable phone from the company itself as last year’s V50 ThinQ wears that crown.

The phone is supposed to have a large battery at 4000mAh. While it’s not exactly the biggest in the business as we’ve seen offerings from other companies outdoing that capacity, it’s still a considerable upgrade and should work fine. However, with a 5G connectivity, how well the phone actually performs in real world operations based on the availability of a 5G band and it’s overall effect on the battery life is something that’ll have to be tested.

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What all do we expect from this next in line flagship?

  • Quad cameras

It’s all over the world of tech, and it’s only natural for LG to jump aboard the bandwagon. The G9 is rumored to have 4 cameras in it’s setup. As for the actual megapixel count and the types of cameras they’ll individually be, we’ll have to wait for the official announcement. But in a world where cameras are gaining more importance by the day, we can only assume and hope that the G9 delivers.

  • The Snapdragon 765G

Let’s get this right out of the way. The SD 765G isn’t exactly the flagship processor we expect from LG. Instead of going for the ultimate powerhouse of choice – the Snapdragon 865, the company has decided to stick to a more battery friendly and less power hungry alternative. As for the overall influence this may have on the device’s performance, we’ll have to wait and see.

LG G9 ThinQ First Look

  • A Headphone jack

Let’s be real here, a 3.5mm headphone jack is nothing short of a novelty item in today’s gaming world. While many may see it as redundant and useless in a world of truly wireless earphones, audiophiles may disagree. And thankfully LG seems to side along with them too. We hope to see the return of the Quad Dac LG is famous for as well with this device making for a rich audio experience.

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  • A 5G connection

Probably the main thing to be excited about with the phone is the arrival of 5G on the G9 as well. However, unlike 4G and the bands before it, 5G has 2 forms. The more obvious but less powerful Sub6 and the very powerful but definitely less useful millimeter wave. As for which of the 2 bands the G9 decides to support, we’ll have to wait till launch date. These are something things to know and be excited about with the next G9. As for how well it performs and the over-all user experience of the device, we’ll have to wait and test it out for ourselves before we can advice you on whether to buy it or otherwise.

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