Latest updates in the world of smartphones

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A new update in the world of phones, and the technicalities of the same

With new updates rolling in everyday, it is very important that all phones, and all models keep up with the times, and roll out new and better updates to keep enhancing their systems in time. A much-needed update in the android world, with the launch of new updates for Realme 5 Pro and Realme XT have come into play, which the audiences were long waiting for. Both the phones are getting the March OTA updates, finally in India and the monthly Android security patch also comes along with the update. The Realme 5 Pro has an update that comes with a version of the firmware RMX1971EX_11_C.02 while on the other hand the Realme XT has an update that comes along with RMX1921EX_11_C.03 as the firmware version.

The unfurling of these updates, and how they will play out

Both of these respective updates shall be launched systematically, to make sure and to keep a hold of the stability of these updates. The accessibility of these updates, will be such, that a limited users will get their hands on the update first, and the users will be chosen randomly so as to make sure that there are absolutely no bugs in the update, and then the update will be made available and accessible to a larger number of people.

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The key features of the update of Realme 5 Pro

The firmware version of Realme 5 Pro has a ton of fixes in store for its users along with brand new security patches. Game audios are amplified and the quality is enhanced, and it is made sure that the consumption of power of the system is optimised. The photos or screenshots, which often did not show up, will also get fixed. The display of boot animation will have its probability fixed, the stuck issue that used to come along with the usage of 3rd party apps and the issue due to the memory leak in the system, which was a stuck issue of low probability will also be resolved.

The key features of the update of Realme XT

Tons of fixes that were required in the security system along with a barrage of optimisations for the system, and the brand-new security patch are guaranteed with the latest update in the system. Thus, along with the updates, a ton of fixes and upgradations are ensured, that help enhance the system.

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How these updates will be rolling out

The page that has the software upgrades, will have the links to these updates soon. The Realme Community has posts which have all the announcements and the information related to these updates. It is strongly recommended that the phones are to be charged while the updating process takes place and a good Wi-Fi connection is mandatory for the same. For the people who haven’t received any notifications about the update, they can go to their settings and check for the same. Thus, people do not have to wait any longer for a much-needed and long overdue update.

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