Is Redmi Topping the Latest Flagship List [Tech Updates]

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Xiaomi never backs out in fighting with its competitors when it comes to launching flagship that creates an instant buzz in the market. For many years, Xiaomi is flourishing in the market with its Redmi series smartphones. Xiaomi has always tried to make its smartphones updated with all the technology available and also has tried to make its smartphones very affordable for the people. Let’s hear about the latest flagship of Xiaomi.

Redmi K30 Pro Provides Excellent Smartphone Specifications

Just like the previous smartphones of Xiaomi, this latest one also is bash in the tech market. Xiaomi has focused on making their smartphones one that performs well ahead of its price at which they are made available. Redmi K30 is nothing different from the past few releases of Xiaomi.

K30 Pro zoom edition phone is a bit different from the normal K30 phone with a 6.67 Inches screen. The phone possesses a circular snapdragon quad camera, 8k recording feature and also a selfie front camera with a popup feature. The phone has 1080 p display but has kept the refresh rate of the display at the lower end in order to avoid the limitations of battery life. The phone also has worked on the charging time with wired charging. The battery is of 4700 mAh. Some of the exceptional features of the phone include 64 mega pixel back camera with a macro lens and 5g supportive features.

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Xiaomi K30 Pro is very likely to be known by a different name when it is launched in Europe. According to sources, the name of the smartphone is very likely to be MI 10t Pro. Also, there are possibilities of MI 10t and MI 10t pro to become Pocophone F2’s base phone.

Pricing Conventions Of The Smartphone

It has been predicted that Xiaomi’s K30 Pro and its zoom edition model can be priced at a higher side when compared to the launched price of previous editions. The previous smartphone of Xiaomi, which was K20 pro was priced around 367$, while the K30 Pro 6/128 GB has been kept at 424$ which is slightly on the higher side than K20 pro. But the two phones differ a lot in their specifications so it is not right to regard it as an expensive one.

Also, Redmi K30 Pro zoom edition has been priced even higher at 537$, but the model is of 8/128 GB. The zoom edition is priced a bit high than the standard version as it provides qualcomm Snapdragon and also 5g features which make the price worth it. The closest competitor of this phone is Real Me X50 pro, which also provides its users with Qualcomm snapdragon and 5g features. Real Me X50 pro has been priced at 510$, which is almost the same as the price of its competitor.  Although, the stats reveal that both these brands have launched their latest smartphones at a much higher price when compared to their previous launched models.

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