Internet Connectivity Issues Have Become A Serious Concern For Everyone

by Raul Tizen
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The last week’s survey was about the latest version of android, which is Android 10 being used by majority of people from all over the world.

The ongoing scenario in the whole world has become very weird as people have stopped going to their offices for work and are trying not to step out of their houses unless it is an emergency condition. In such a scenario created in the world now, the working class people have converted their home into offices as they are working from their houses. People are getting affected by this global pandemic in a variety of ways. One common issue faced by everyone is of the hindered internet speed. Internet speed has seen a downfall in the past few days as a result of retaliation by the government against this calamity, which says not to leave home.

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The journalists who are employed to check over the technology issues around them are reportedly saying that they have reported many such cases where people have complained about the same issue of hindered cellular data and also WIFI speed. This is not a story of just a particular area, but has been experienced by most of the countries where business and market lockdowns have occurred. The reason of such a problem is believed to be the majority of people working from their respective houses. Also, no work is also a reason for people engaging in internet activities which have hindered the internet speeds.

Streaming Services Have Experienced Major Outbreaks  

As per reports, streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon prime have reported various complaints regarding hindered internet connection from the people, which in turn has posed a lot of problem in streaming the videos. This is the story of maximum regions as the whole world is affected badly by the global pandemic of Coronavirus. The internet speeds have been affected along with the lives of the population in various countries.

With the people forced to not leave their houses until a genuine emergency comes up, everyone is very likely to use internet services at a much higher rate. This is the problem, due to which internet speeds have lacked in recent days and have posed a problem for the people to stream video services on various platforms.We recommend you to stream at late nights to experience lag free experience.

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Post Up Your Opinions And Polls

Seeing the situation, I hereby understand the need for carrying out this survey, which would perfectly reflect the situations faced by the people in these difficult times. As far as my opinion is concerned, I haven’t received any barrier between me and the internet speed and it’s services till date. Also, my close ones out there in Spain have not reported any such problem either. Now here is what people who are getting affected by the internet problems need to do. Just fill the simple survey designed by downloadtizenapps which allows you to choose from options like; experiencing low speeds, experiencing problems in certain streaming services, experiencing both the problems or there is no problem experienced from your side.

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