Get Ready To Unleash Unlimited Comics On Amazon Comixology’s 60-Day Trial

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On 7 September 2007 Amazon launched Amazon Prime, a prepaid subscription service that allows its users to stream online unlimited movies, web-series and tv-series of different genres. Recently Amazon has introduced ComiXology for Amazon Prime’s members. Amazon ComiXology enables users to get access to unlimited digital comic books, mangas, and novels. Since the outbreak of coronavirus has led to big and small-scale lockdown in many countries, including nation-wide lockdown in India. All the cafes, restaurants, theatres and public libraries are bound to follow the government’s directions and are closed until the epidemic is lifted up. However, it is the perfect time to explore Amazon Comixology’s selection of comics and graphic novels.

In simple terms, ComiXology is your path to get your hands on some of the best publisher’s comics in this whole world. You can even find DC comics that are home to the world’s greatest villains and heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, The Flash, Aquaman, Batwoman and much more. In addition to this, the users get access to Marvel’s comics. Marvel is the creator of a super huge fan base in 2019 for their movie Endgame. Marvel has given some of the most loved and irreplaceable characters in the comic and movie world such as Iron man, Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and much more. The list can never end.

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What is ComiXology’s 60-day trial?

ComiXology Unlimited’s new policy has come up with a 60 days trial which allows new users to use Amazon ComiXology straight up for 60 days. It is quite similar to Netflix’s 60 days trial in which the new users can stream online movies and series for 60 days without any additional cost.

To activate the 60 days trial the user has to feed his Amazon account’s details. If somehow the user decides not to continue the service after the free trial expires, he can cancel it within 60 days.

If the user wants to continue using Amazon ComiXology then after the free trial expires he has to pay a certain amount every month as long as he wishes to enjoy it. Surprisingly all the comics are available on Android, Kindle and iOS platforms. However, Amazon has not released this new feature in every country but in an interview, the officials said that they are planning to do so.

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Another benefit of an unlimited membership is that users are entitled to claim 10-15% off on many Marvel, Dark Horse, and other publishers’ new arrivals.

ComiXology Unlimited price:

Amazon’s ComiXology Unlimited currently costs $5.99 per month whereas the Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 but only in the United States. It is available in the United Kingdom for only £7.99 per month. In Australia it is available for $13.99 per month. Since children are not able to go to their schools or universities, it is a great opportunity for the parents to introduce Amazon ComiXology to them. 

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