Galaxy S20’s New Camera Update : All You Need to Know

by Raul Tizen
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Updates are essential for every mobile phone these days. Customers want to stay updated with the latest technology trends and upgrades and nobody wants to be using the same old apps while everyone else can enjoy the latest versions.

Samsung released the brand new Galaxy S20 series earlier this year in February and has been purchased by the customers extensively in just a few days. The phone has amazing features with great build and display qualities.

Samsung has just rolled out a much-need update on the Galaxy S20 devices in both the United States and Germany. These updates can be found in all the three models of S20 but the size of the actual update might vary depending on the requirements of each model.

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The OTA updates have been rolled out so that the users can easily update their phones without having to do anything other than downloading the OTA update and restarting their phones.

OTA updates, also known as Over-The-Air updates are quite easy to install. These updates are rolled out timely on devices that are still receiving updates by the manufacturer.

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Whenever OTA updates are ready to be installed, the phone gives the user a notification and asks the user to download the update through the notification only. Once the update is downloaded, the update is installed automatically as the phone reboots.

The OTA update received by S20 phones ranges from 366 MB to 420 MB in size. The size of the OTA update is different for different models.

This updated version will upgrade the firmware of the phone and bring the all-new camera update which will fix many of the issues related to the camera app of the phone.

The update brings version of the camera app to the phone with fixes in the autofocus option and more. There have been other minor bug fixes as well that will improve the overall experience of the user.

With the new update, the users can now enjoy a more stable experience with fewer bugs and an increased focus on better usability.

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All the three unique models of the Galaxy S20 series receive the OTA updates at the same time. This means updates on S20, S20 Ultra, and S20 Plus will all receive the update at the same time. However, the different variants, i.e, unlocked or carrier-branded variants, of a single model will receive the update at different times.

The latest OTA update claims to provide the users with a faster experience. So you can now get rid of all the performance-based issues with the latest update and say yes to a lightning-fast speed. Regularly updating your phone also makes sure that your phone has the latest security patch. Security patches are extremely important to make sure that your phone is safe from any crackers and unauthorized attackers.

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