Coin Master MOD APK v3.5.70 [Unlimited Coins & Spins]

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Hi guys, do you love to play a Coin Master game but cannot get to protect your village? Contact us at Download Tizen Apps Website, and we will be going to provide you perfect Coin Master Mod APK by which you can become the king with so much of coins. Play the game with unlimited spins and get every resource required to protect your village and for attacks on others.

Coin Master APK Information

Name Coin Master
Package com.moonactive.coinmaster
Publisher Moon Active
Category Casual
Version 3.5.70 (Latest)
Size 70 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins,Spins & More
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Install Coin Master MOD APK

How to Install Coin Master MOD On Your Android Device?

1- First Of All You Have To Uninstall Coin Master APK If You Have Downloaded It From Play Store. (Very Important)

2- Second You Have To Open The Android Settings of your Device And Go to Security And Enable Unknown Sources like the below picture.

3- Download Coin Master Apk From The Above Button & Install It. (”Allow from this source” if your device asks for permission)

4- Open the Coin Master App

5- Now You Have Working Coin Master MOD 🙂

About Coin Master game

Join your friends or random people over Coin Master for attacks. Spin the machine and raid the village are the two aspects of it. Do not forget to build your village and use protective shield on it for defensive purpose. You can travel through various lands which are magical and battle over there. Looting can be done by spinning the wheel or by destroying the villages.

Collect raid tickets for performing attacks on others and do not lose them also keep your shield activated. It will protect your village from one attack and your resources will be kept safe from enemies. Slot machine is not the only thing to provide coins as you can steal it by raiding others. Revenge is the only option to get back what is yours but before that you need to purchase raid tickets.  Loot is not always essential as sometimes you need to protect your village too from attackers.

Play Coin Master with tons of people online and show them off your skills and abilities. To grow your village you need to win every attacks and defenses because it is the only way to be on the top of your local and global ranks.

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Features of Coin Master

If you really want to use the mod, then you need to first understand the feature of Coin Master. Here are some of them for you-

  • Spin machine- At the beginning of the game, you will get to see a slot machine with a lever attached to it. Pull it down in order to make it spin and earn loot. There are lots of symbols in the machine you will be going to see which is needed to be matched. Different symbols state different loot for your game.

  • Cards- It is the essential ticket which will be going to allow you to attack on others. Without the card, you won’t be able to attach, which is why you need to make it count on every attack.

  • Multiplayer- You can play it with friends as an attack on each other villages for practice and loot. This is the best way in which you can come to learn Coin Master in no time. 

Coin Master Mod APK features

We know the advertisements in the game are very irritating, but we have taken care of it. Visit our website and get your hands on Coin Master mod apk for free. Features you should know about the mod are-

  •  Unlimited spins- You can spin the machine with no limits. Nothing can stop you as you can spin the whole day and fill your account with so many resources and loot. You can get free spin by referring the game to your friends, which can take time. You should use our mod, which will be going to save lots of time of yours.
  • No advertisement- There will be no one to interrupt you, not even advertisement. Yes, it is possible only if you get to play Coin Master Mod provided by us. The game would be as same as the original but with some additional benefits which will be going to enhance your experience in a better way.
  • Unlimited coins- Coins are required in order to purchase tickets for the attack, and you can purchase as many of them as you want. You can purchase any resource you want to as we take care of your account coin balance.

What’s New In This Update

Thanks for playing Coin Master!

In this version we’ve implemented updates to improve your overall experience.

Enjoy a world of fun, thrills and huge rewards right at your fingertips. Be sure your game is up to date so you can truly experience all there is to offer.

Invite your friends to play Coin Master & get your FREE REWARDS! We also recommend joining our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more fun & excitement.

Source: PlayStore

 Gamer Reviews From PlayStore

“I absolutely love this app! i used to play it all the time until i had to delete it, unfortnately. I wanted to redownload it again because i missed it. Sadly, i never logged into facebook and i have to start all over again. I was very high leveled and im upset that i have to start over, but i guess its okay. Maybe its good to start over. Anyways, great game!”


“I do think its alot of fun. Especially playing with friends. I do think the rewards could be a little better when you actually spend your own money for lives, food, coins etc.. But guess that’s the way it goes lol. When I dont have the money I just wait for the freebies you do get. Guess it’s so much fun I just get impatient waiting on the extra lives🤣🤣. Still gonna play though and see just how far I can get.😁”


“Love this game. There are some glitches where once in a while it doesnt give you the things youve earned. Not often mind you but it happens. My wife and i love this game only thing that would be better would be if you could trade gold cards more often. Otherwise its awesome. A blast to play. It always leaves you wishing you had more spins. Lol”

Source: PlayStore


Protection of our own village is essential but what about running out of shield. Our Coin Master mod apk will provide you unlimited shield for your village. No one can ever touch your village without your permission and also get unlimited raid cards for infinite looting the resources.

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