Best videoconferencing apps of 2020, for the “Work from Home” days

by Raul Tizen
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In these quarantine days. When every individual is working from home, we all need to find the best apps which provides us the highest quality of video calling, to avoid any hindrance in important professional business meetings.

Do’s & Don’ts of Video Conferencing

So here is the list of best video conferencing apps of 2020 with key features, which can be your savior, while working from home.

  1. GoToMeeting, the reliable one
  • It allows a person to hold a meeting without the requirement of entering credit cards
  • Enables the calendar to sync with the app which saves you from missing any important meeting.
  • Has even got a “Commuter Mode” to save data when you are not using WIFI and only mobile data.

2. TeamLink Video Conference, the unlimited one

  • Attractive option due to its steady and regular updates, depicting constant hard work of the developers to make it better with time.
  • Allows one to have upto 300 participants in a call at a time
  • Does imposes any time limits.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and the best reception in mind because the app was created on mobile.

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3. ZOOM Cloud Meeting

  • host a meeting of upto 100 people for free
  • Such meetings are limited to forty minutes.
  • The one on one meetings can be conducted for a limitless amount of time.
  • The most impressive feature it has is that you can share the screen of your android phone if you desire to switch to a presentation.

4. Skype, the multitasker

  • App fit for more than just office work.
  • Has a great feature of allowing you to chat with contacts
  • It helps you to make even phone calls.
  • It allows you to hold meetings of upto 24 attendees.
  • Provides feature of sending SMS, can be used as an SMS app on your computer.

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5. Google Duo- Google’s choice

  • To have a maximum of 9 people on a video call.
  • It works fluently on both iOS as well as the android platform.
  • It also has the voice calling feature.

6. Cisco Webex Meeting, the professional 

  • Got quite a professional approach.
  • You have to create an account to use it. Once started you can start with video conferencing.
  • A customize widget lets you join from the homes screen as the meeting starts
  • It is also provided with Google Assistant to help you further.

7. Hangout Meet, for the G suite

  • Helps you hold a video call with 250 members at the same time.
  • Availability of real-time captions if you can’t listen to the call.
  • Most appropriate for any sized meetings

8. Microsoft Teams, the workflow integrator

  • Serves as a hub for all the communications involved.
  • Allows the teams working to collaborate
  • Needs an Office 365 subscription.
  • Allows private chats
  • Could create channels for the group.
  • Uses the traditional concept of video and audio calls

9. BlueJeans, for all business

  • Available at every platform.
  • Built-in calendar to keep a record of all the meetings to be held.
  • Allows 25 people to join the meeting. If signed up for premium the number increases to 100

10. Discord, unorthodox approach

  • Build for gamers but can be used for telecommunications
  • Allows upto 50 attendees in a meeting.

11. Slack, just integrate then collaborate

  • Most impressive for standard group chats
  • Allows upto 15 participants at once
  • Uses an integration from the product management, to sync all the upcoming tasks

12., the simpler the better

  • It has the same developers as that of GoToMeeting
  • Easier view and features
  • More advantages if you take VoIP, to avoid call drops and other problems due to poor network.

All of these apps are available for free on Google play store, so go ahead and choose the best, according to you. And enjoy the “Work from Home”

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