Avail 90 Days Free Trial of Amazon Music HD [Limited Time Offer]

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Amazon is conquering the online streaming music segment with its widely popular Amazon Music streaming services. With such a huge music collection and millions of songs, getting a subscription is not a bad choice.

The monthly plan comes for $14.99, and anyone can get it. But, what’s the need for spending on the membership when you can avail it for free? Yes, you read that right because Amazon is back with a range of offers.

For now, they are promoting their music service by offering a ninety-days free trial option. Unlike Spotify or Apple Music, this service covers additional perks for the users who have Amazon Prime membership.

All the audiophiles out there can avail this limited period offer and stream high-quality music for three months without paying a single penny. You will be signing up for the free trial of Amazon Music HD for complete three months, and it will save you $45.

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There is no harm in signing up because it is completely free, and if you like the quality and their algorithm when it comes to suggestion, then you can pay $14.99 monthly fees once the trial expires. If you are eligible as a student, then you can avail of better discount rates on the monthly fees also.

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Currently, this membership is availed by a few, and you can also sign up for the same. If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the subscription amount will be $12.99. It is definitely a great value for money deal to seize.

In case you are concerned about the eligibility for the trial, then you need to learn that it is for the first-time user. If you haven’t created an account on Amazon Music HD or you haven’t used the credit card for the same, then you can easily get this offer.

To check eligibility for the trial version, you can hit their official website or download the smartphone app. Once you are done filling all the details, and it shows that you are eligible, seize the deal.

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Recommending Amazon Music is completely easy because they offer great value for money deals, and the after-sale services are also reliable. In case you have any problem, you can cancel the trial, and the auto-renew of subscription will b canceled. People who totally into Amazon Ecosystem will definitely find this music streaming service better to consider.

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