5 Amazing Disney+ Shows and Movies to Watch While on Quarantine

by Raul Tizen
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While continuing the social distance to reduce the spread of Covid-19, everyone is inside their homes. It can be boring to spend the whole day looking at walls, fixing things, and talking.You can change the routine by a little and check out some of the amazing and movies which are most streaming now .

  1. The Mandalorian

An original series that is streaming on Disney+ is totally into the Star Wars. It is an original big-time product, and it is a must-see TV series that you may not want to skip. So many memes and funny videos are already trending on social media, and Baby Yoda is also a fun character to love. 

2. Frozen 2

If you have watched the first part of Frozen, then you may be wondering at the climax what happened to Elsa and Anna. Well, Frozen 2 is streaming, and it continues the storyline and explain their escape and new plans for a better world. If you haven’t seen the first part, then check that out to avoid any further spoilers.

3. The Simpsons

The classical love of every American, which packs fun drama in every single episode, is The Simpson, and it is the original debut of the 1989 show. All the thirty seasons available of The Simpson. This is going to be the best time killer machine, and you have lots of shows to explore on this weekend in Disney+ shows.

4. So Weird

An oldie goodie drama show from 1999 is going to be the best companion, and it can bring back the nostalgia with all three seasons. In the early days, no one watched this show alone, considering the humorous jokes (some were extremely funny, and some were lame). The fun element never fades even in a single episode, so you won’t be getting bored while streaming this show on your TV.

5. One Day at Disney

To bring the magic of Disney to real life, you can check out One Day at Disney, which is plotted on ten different people exploring the new world of Disney. It shows that what goes into everything and this show will make you curious about what’s coming next. It is a show with a number of twists and fun elements that you will love watching for hours. 

All these are sci-fi and drama shows with a huge fanbase, impressive storyline, and lots of fun elements. Currently, these five series are trending on Disney+, and you can kill lots of hours until the Covid-19 situation gets into control. Till then, stay safe and watch Disney Plus.

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