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Download Tizen Apps is the leading site for the development and review of Tizen applications, this site is developed and manage by Tizen enthusiast . We also feature the latest Tizen apps, for smartphone and smartwatch so if you are an indie app developer or a company who develop Tizen Apps, you can share us your app let them know about your app, send it to us for review.

We are now the number 1 Tizen app website, I mean second to Tizen store of course..

The group’s aim is to create an environment for Tizen developers to create and develop applications whereas they can contribute and share their expertise in the development of Tizen apps.

If you are one of our supporters you can email us and contribute with what you have learn so far in the development of Tizen apps. We appreciate your contribution, join our group in the development of Tizen applications.

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More and More Sites are connecting to DownloadTizenApps meaning more chances for your app to get notice. Contact Us Now! We are now receiving thousands of visitors a day, Tizen fans looking for updates and apps for Tizen… to all the fans thanks for all the support!.


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