Photo Blend Collages Photo Editor

Want to blend different photos together seamlessly?  Download and try this new photo editor app for Tizen phone. Download “Photo Blend Collages”.

The photo editor let you blend two different photos together, blend the photo that you captured with the combination of beautiful backgrounds available in the app. At least 25+ backgrounds are available for your collage. You can also add different cliparts to make your images more interesting. The app is free and very easy to use, with different visual effects. It also has a built-in short-cut camera to the app to make it easy for you to capture photos and add it to your photo collage.


Photo Blend Collages allows to create an amazing photo collages from pictures taken by camera and built-in clip-arts. You can choose one of many beatifull backgrounds and blend your selfie photos together. To make the collage more interesting you can add one of many clip-arts and visual special effects.

Intuitive and easy app to create quick photo collages with blending and visual effects.

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