Creative Frame Editor Tizen app

It is another photo editor for lovers of selfies and  unique photos. Here is another photo editor for your to download “Creative Frame Editor”.

Creative Frame Editor, allows you to add creative, fun photo frame to your images. Load photos to the app and choose from  different photo frames like a mug,  book, painting or some ad screen to an unknown city. Super imposed your face to different objects. So far the “Creative Frame Editor” has several artistic photo frames, hopefully more will be added in the next update, a built in camera app will also going to be a good feature making it easy to capture photos and add frame on it.


Boring with regular photo frame, here we bring to you “Creative Frame Editor”, an extraordinary photo frame that make your photo looks more memorable. Pick the frame that best matches to your photo, save it, and share it to the world.

By providing tools, such an easy dragging position, image flipping, and many others, those will help you making the best blended creative photo frame. Some frame might not suits with your photo, that’s why we bring to you a lot of creative frame template. So.., make sure to keep update the app, because we will always bring to you more collection of creative frame template on each update.

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