Voice Assistant- Add Voice Command to your Tizen phone

If you have been wanting to have a voice assistant support for your Tizen phone. Well Tizen Store got one, “Voice Assistant” app available free to download from Somyac Software.

With the app you can now command your Tizen phone to execute simple commands such as opening an app. “Voice Assistant” has several  simple keywords that you can use to command your phone to do something. It works offline and loaded with several useful commands. It is like Siri or Google Assistant, sort off. Some important useful commands are Launch Phone application, Launch Messenger, Open Gallery, Launch Tizen Store, Launch Facebook and other stuff.

There are at least 26 useful commands that you can use. It is not that smooth compared to popular voice assistant and sometimes it is hard to instruct the command, and requires proper pronunciation, but it is a start. The app weighs 16.86 MB and free to download from Tizen Store.



Voice Assistant simplifies everyday usage of mobile phone. Just talk simple keywords to command your Tizen phone.
Application works completely in OFFLINE mode – there is not required internet connection to recognize voice and generate speech audio.

Example of commands:

  • start installed application (email, Tizen Store, web browser etc…)
  • start camera
  • get/set GPS status
  • get/ser Wi-Fi status
  • get current date and time
  • make call

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