Special FX Camera FREE – Cool Photo Filters for Tizen phone

Add unique special effects to your cool photos with this new app, available free to download in Tizen Store. Download the app “Special FX Camera FREE”.

The Special FX Camera Free is the free version of the Special FX Camera with additional features. The Special FX includes cool effects to your photos in real time, apply the different photo filters such as emboss, cinema, metal, neon, metal or wet floor. Add unique background effects like polaroid, binoculars, photo, videowall, wood or collage.

It is an easy to use photo effect editor for Tizen phone, with variety of photo filters, additional photo effects is available in the premium app.


Special FX Camera is an award-winning application that won the bada 2.0 Power App Race.
Now it is available in Tizen for all the devices Z.
This version is improved and implements the combination of up to three layers of effects at once.

Effects performed by Special FX Camera are not the same effects included in the built-in default camera. The application includes 40 distinct effects in total, in three groups:

15 Effects 15 Masks 10 Gels = 40 different special effects.

The effects can be combined in three layers.

List of effects: 

FX: Pencil Sketch, Cartoon, Color Inversion, Grain, Smooth, Emboss, Cinema, Neon, Desat, Mirror, Metal, Summer, Winter, Burnt, Wet floor.
Masks: Canvas, Vignette, Sky, Silver frame, Wood frame, Slide, Polaroid-like frame (**), Videowall, TV, Binoculars, Photo, Old photo, Film, Puzzle, Collage.
Gels: Yellow, Lemon, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Bronze, Purple.


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