Grand Crime Mafia – Auto Gangster Shooter

Want more 3D action game for your phone? Download this Mafia/Gangster game available for your Tizen smartphone. Check this cool game “Grand Crime Mafia – Auto Gangster Shooter”.

In this game you are task to ou back the law in town, your weapon your vehicle and an AK-47. Annihilate all the mobs/gangster trying to take over the town. Drive you vehicle across the streets, you can either run them over or shoot them with your AK-47. “Grand Crime Mafia Auto Gangster”, has cool 3D graphics, great controls as well as realistic physics with fun random objects that you can run over. It’s a free 3D game for your Tizen phone. Download the action packed game, its about 42.67 MB and can be downloaded in the Games> Action section of Tizen Store.


Stop the mafia from terrorizing the city!
Get rid of the mobsters by either using your AK-47 or just run them over with your car!

Discover all the hidden secrets in this VICE Miami-like town.
Cruise with your motorbike out on the country side and discover all kinds of ramps for crazy jumps. Or simply go downtown with your car and see what the people there are up to!


Dynamic 3D FPS
Gameplay and controls optimized for tizen phone
Realistic physics: ragdolls and vehicles
Countless hours of gameplay: Endless fun with random missions
Shoot the bad guys or run them over with your car
A huge city awaits you
Destroyable props like trash cans or traffic lights
Jump the ramps and reach for the sky
Find all the hidden easter eggs


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