Grand City War : Army Elite Tizen Game

It is an urban warfare, Jungle with Grand City War: Army Elite. Download this intense combat action game for your Tizen phone. This game is a shooting game, pick a character whether its Alice or Jin, first four levels  are in the City, followed by Forest and then Desert at least 12 stages of action packed game for your Tizen phone.

Shoot, jump, pick a new weapon such as shotgun, flame thrower and other deadly weapons to kill the enemy. It is a challenging game with a lot of items to shoot, from boxes, drums, you can even shoot trucks to clear out your path. In your quest to combat the enemy, avoid getting shot, avoid the missile launcher of the enemy.

Grand City War: Army Elite is a good game to download if you love some shooting and action for your phone, its free, good graphics and animation and just weighs 19.51 MB.


Experience intense war combat with your brave army. Use a multitude of weapons including the sniper, shotgun and flamethrower to defeat the enemies.

You will play as brave soldier role and try to escape and defeat the other enemies.

Play Grand City War now for free and enjoy the ultimate action gaming.

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