Drift Burnout Extreme Racing Game for Tizen Phone

Here is another racing game for those who are thirsty of need for speed. Download this racing game “Drift Burnout Extreme Racing”, a racing game where your goal is to have a smooth drift as possible, show the racer in you with Drift Burnout Extreme.

The game has a realistic physic effect, it has a break, accelerator as well as a steering control arrows. But I hope in the next update it will be replace by a steering wheel to make it more realistic.


I love the multiple camera views, third person, first person and even a chopper view. There are 12 super cars that can be unlock as well as cool tracks, and you can also change other options for your cars. The Drift Burnout Extreme has good graphics, good controls as well as having a realistic physics. It is free to download from Tizen Store and weighs only 45.83 MB.


Real drifting sim. if you love drifting this game is for you.Insane realistic drifting effects on high detailed tracks.

  • change color of smoke and car tires
  • super realistic physics
  • multiple camera views
  • unlock 12 super cars
  • 5 tracks
  • buttons or accelerometer control
  • nitrous speed boost

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