Drag Racing Mega Monster Tizen Game

Download one of the best drag racing of mega trucks for Tizen phone. Download this free racing game for Tizen, “ Drag Racing Mega Monster”, a drag racing game with different monster truck.

The racing game of monster truck is a battle of right timing, speed and strategy. Battle to the finish line, shift in the exact moment to give your car a boost and push it to the maximum power, if it is not enough use the nitro button to give it more speed and win the game.

As you finish each challenge, the game becomes much more difficult, as your opponent has a much more advance and fast vehicle. You can still win the race by upgrading your vehicle, either buy a new one or change/upgrade the different parts of your monster truck, upgrade its chassis, wheels or buy some nitro to boost the speed in the event of a close race.  The game Drag Racing Mega Monster is a free racing game from Tizen Store, its free to download.


Drag Racing Mega Monster is HERE for FREE and FREE coins !

The only thing that is more manly than driving racing cars around a track is racing with Monster Trucks through the mud and hitting that Nitro button to let your opponent eat your dust. Racing rivals in this game is loud, dirty and the most fun you can have with virtual monster trucks.

In this drag racing game with Monster Trucks it’s all about the right timing.
When a race starts you have to keep your rev counter within the green area. Only then will you be catapulted out of the starting blocks like a rocket. But it doesn’t end there, of course.
All the way to the finish line your challenge is to shift at the exact right moments to keep the Monster Truck at its maximum power.


  • Monster Truck Racing Game
  • Racing Rivals with tons of Customization
  • Upgrades and new Cars
  • World Map with endless challenges
  • Free Racing
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