Camera Apps Launcher – All of your Camera Apps in just One Place

Are you one of those users who has several photo apps in their Tizen phone? Well if you have more than three photos apps, it’s time to organize it easily, put it in just one location with the help of this app, download the “Camera Apps Launcher”.


The Camera Apps Launcher simply organize your photo apps in just one location, with the camera apps, it is now easy to launch your collection of photo apps, add it to the app by selecting a blank polygon space, or if you want there are already suggested apps in the camera apps launcher that you can download. Add and remove apps easily, with Camera apps launcher, a simple tool to organize your favorite camera apps in Tizen platform.


The Green Bees present a “must-have” tool for everyone who likes to take pictures.
It will help you to collect all your favorite camera apps in one place.
Easy to organize and easy to run.
Two pages with slots for camera apps for your convenience.


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