Antique Camera FX – Add an Old Photo Effect to your Images

Here we are again to bring you the latest and some of the best app for your photos. This time its an app to add different photo effects to your photos in real time. Download this new photo effect app for your Tizen phone, from the developer of Camera Apps Launcher and HDR Camera, check out the Antique Camera FX.

The Antique Camera FX adds cool effect to your Tizen phone easily, photo effects include film grain, desaturated phtos, cyanotype, sepia color, old photo, antique pattern, rippled frame as well as vignette, and other cool Antique Camera FX. Make your favorite photos have a vintage effect with different cool filters from Antique camera. The app is easy to use, you can have new photo and apply filters before you snap the photo or load from the gallery, the app has a simple UI with old camera style interface.


Antique Camera FX is a unique camera app that implements 15 awesome effects that give photos a retro finish. Not only the effects produce vintage photos but the app interface is designed to resemble an old-fashioned camera.

As in all our amazing camera apps, Antique Camera FX shows the final effects applied to the image stream so that you can see how the final picture will look and when you have framed the target appropriately, you can snap the photo and have the HD image saved immediately.

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