Fidget Hand Spinner Simulator app

The stress reliever toy that is flooding the web, is now available in an app form, yes the Fidget Spinner has now an app version in Tizen Store, check out the Fidget Hand Spinner Simulator.

If you are not familiar with this toy, well it’s a stress relieving toy that is said to help children with ADHD,  or help people to quit bad habits like nail biting, leg shaking. Whether this toy has proven to help or not, well you can experience playing this wonder toy without the need to buy one by downloading this simple Fidget Hand Spinner.

The toy simulator is a simple fidget spinner, with several options to choose from, pick from different colors and design, at least 15 different designs of spinners, a two blade, tri spinner to 6 blade fidget spinner. Enjoy playing the spinner, right in your Tizen phone.


Hand Spinner Simulator is now on Tizen free in this app you will get 15 spinner for free, so don’t wait for it, download now.

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