Be Inspired Tizen app – Thousands of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Want some food for thought? Well here is an app to help you get inspired, to help you think positive and have that courage to achieve the impossible, download this inspirational app “Be Inspired”.

Read hundreds of inspiration quotes from famous and successful people like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Aristotle, Thomas Edison, and Confucius even a quote from Pope. Its library has a comprehensive database of popular and inspirational quotes with photos to get your inspired. Categories of quotes are Inspirational our favorite, motivational, life, love, success, friendship, education, leadership, wisdom and money.

It’s an easy to use app that lift up your mood, and provide a fuel of words to get you moving, to strive for excellence.


Thousands of Inspirational and Motivational quotes waiting to inspire you. Share your inspirational quotes with friends and see your life make a difference.

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