WhataFunny app – Modify your Voice with these Funny Tweaks

Have some fun with this app, make a funny voice, record and tweak it to make some funny sound.

Download “WhataFunny App”, an app to tweak your voice with different special effects sound. Options in the WhatAFunny app include “Echo”,”Melancholy”. Talker”,”Babe”, and even the “ voice of Evil”.

Select from the list of sound effects, then select the record button, the voice recored will be automatically stored in the selected storage location whether its in memory card and or internal storage. The recorded sound or voice is automatically converted to the chose sound effect.


WhatsAFunny app modify your voice recorded in Tizen phone, thanks to this app your voice will sound like the voice of child, taler or even evil. You can add echo or other effects to your recording.

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