MultiPlayer Tanks 3D Tizen Game

Have some fun with this multiplayer game, download this 3D war game “Multiplayer Tanks 3D”.

The Multiplayer Tanks 3D is just one of the few multiplayer games in Tizen Store, I download and played the game and so far the game has good potential to be a successful one, it has smooth controls, simple graphics but has a good gameplay which is the most important aspect of a good game.

I have tried to play the multiplayer game for just a limited time, as the server has only few players or sometimes empty. Anyways starting the multiplayer game is easy, you have the option to either create your own server in the loby section and wait others to compete with you or join others that has already created one. But if this game will have enough players online, it can be a great multiplayer game for Tizen phone.

So far the training section has several mission, like eliminating enemy post with your tank. This section is to teach you the basics of playing the Tanks 3D as well as to prepare you for the online multiplayer battle of tanks.


Fight for your honor in epic, explosive online multiplayer tank battles


  • Play online with players from around the globe
  • a variety of maps and arenas
  • cartoonish 3d graphics
  • customize your tank by earning points
  • offline practice
  • ten arenas and three game modes for multiplayer battles
  • Our Rating
User Rating: 3.0 (2 votes)

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