Multi Story Car Parking – Learn How to Park your Car the Right Way

Here is another car parking game for your Tizen phone. “Multi- Story Car Parking”, a parking game where the challenge is to car your park in the right parking spot the right way.

It sounds easy, but this game will surely give you a lot of challenge in parking your car. Park it in the right spot mark with a yellow line, and you have to do it in a specified amount of time. You can steer the car using arrow buttons, control the movement of the car by reverse and acceleration control, just take note that there is no break, adding more difficulty in controlling your car.

Anyways the game has great graphics, smooth animation and with several challenging levels for you to complete. Download the game, in the Games>Action of Tizen Store, it weighs 30.60 MB only and its free.


Multi Story Car Parking 2017 is one of most useful effor from our side to make you skillful in navigating multistory parking just like real. Obviously it requires great skills to park your vehicle on some dedicated desired spot without touching other vehicles or environment.

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