Shuttle Shuffle :Aliens Panic for Tizen phone

Tired of typical match three puzzle game? Well I have good news for your, download and play this unique puzzle game from Lozange Lab, “ Shuttle Shuffle : Aliens Panic”.

In this game, a bunch of Aliens are having some hard time locating their space shuttle. It’s your job to lead them to their shuttle, do it as few moves as possible, the environment is a checkered board where shuttles and aliens are scattered in different area, move the alien to their shuttle across the board.

At first, your might think its easy and boring, but once you played the game, it is more that just moving aliens, a good strategy is a must to move them in a short distance as possible. Sometimes the aliens move in harmony (together) making it difficult to lead them one by one to their shuttle or this movement sometimes help you push them to their shuttle with less movement. It is fun and challenging, so far one of the best puzzle game in Tizen Store.

The game’s difficulty increases as the game progresses , as more aliens are scattered in the board. If you get stuck, don’t worry there are some hints that could give you an idea on how to solve the puzzle fast.

There are also some bonuses, a “Turn the Wheel” daily bonuses where you can get instant cash or hint points. Solve each leves and gain medals and stars to unlock the next level, Shuttle Shuffle has 72 challenging campaigns and 34 achievements.

The Shuttle Shuffle has great graphics, smooth animation, and its free to download in Tizen Store!


Shuttle Shuffle is an addictive puzzle game with fun and coloured alien characters. Rules and gameplay are easy to pick up and very intuitive, which makes Shuttle Shuffle a game suitable for the whole family. What’s very special about Shuttle Shuffle is that players can -in a few seconds- create their very own levels and then share them with other players. Everyone can take up the challenge and try to find a better solution!


Create your own levels with the integrated level editor

  • Challenge your friends and beat their scores
  • Neverending puzzling : 72 campaign levels and hundreds of new user levels created every day
  • Play at your own pace to figure out the perfect solution with no time limit
  • 34 achievements (on iOS and Android)
  • A fun experience suitable for all ages

  • Our Rating
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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