Samsung Z4 Running Tizen 3.0 Gets WIFI Certification

It is becoming clear that Samsung Z4 is the next Tizen phone by Samsung, it will be the first Tizen phone this year 2017 and perhaps if we are lucky it will be the first Tizen phone that will run the much awaited Tizen 3.0 O.S.

This week Samsung Z4 received a WIFI certification with a certification ID WFA70348 with model numnber SM-Z400F/DS filed by Samsung. It was certified March 27, 2017 and listed in smartphone category. One of the most interesting part of the Samsung Z4 certification is the operating system details, based on its descrioption it is using a proprietary O.S a Tizen 3.0 version.

So far only few details is revealed online about the possible next Tizen phone of Samsung especially on its specs and features, But stay tuned as we bring you the latest update on Samsung Z4 smartphone in weeks to come.


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