BrawlMe Tizen Game

Bored with your life and want to pick a fight? I guess this game is just for you “BrawlMe”, an action fight game where your goal is to pick a fight with other online players on the net.

In this game, you pick your own character and brawl with other online players on the street. At least 50 different characters to choose from. Roam around the stree to pick a fight and hone your skills. Its a simple game and with good potential to improve and add more features. It has good graphics, and nice controls, please take note that you need to have an internet connection to be able to play with other players.

Check your rankings with other players, see your experience gained, won and loss and compare it to other players.


Fight your friends or other online players to increase your strenght and attack technique. More than 50 different characters.

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