Bo App Lock – Protect your Apps from Unauthorized Access

If you want to protect your file you app from unauthorized access, I guess this app locker can help you on this. Download “Bo App Lock” a simple app that automatically lock your app and prevent other users from accessing it.

The app has a very simple UI, locking your apps from unauthorized access is easy. Just open the app “Bo App Lock” set the desired security password, then it will load all the installed apps in your system, select the desired app to be locked by sliding the button to on and off, and it automatically, lock the chosen app/s.

When you open the app that has been locked it will asked for a password, if the user can’t supply the correct password, he or she can’t access the app. It is a simple way to lock the app, it might not that sophisticated but still it’s a good app to prevent other users to access the app.

Description: Bo App Lock is a simple app with modern UI. Bo App lock can be used to many of your personal apps. Bo App Lock can also protect your pictures and videos. Bo app lock implements its own custom keyboard specially designed with security in mind.


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