Zip Tizen app – Extract and Compress Files Easily

Whether you want to extract an archive files to your Tizen phone or compress a video or large files before sending to someone, no worries as Tizen Store got a utility to do these jobs.

Download the Tizen app, “Zip”, an archive manager app that helps you compress your files easily, as well as extract it without any extra steps to do it. The UI of the app is simple, when you want to compress a file, just browse to your files just like in a file manager app, select the file in the folder that you want to compress, and then select “Create Archive”, and choose the desired file/s.

If you want to extract the file, it is much simplier, just select the file and choose extract, automatically a message will pop-up asking if you want to extract the file or not, just select ok to proceed. It is a very simple app and just weights 1.56 MB, free to download from Tizen Store.


Application for extract and compress files and folder.

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