Ninja Assassin’s Tizen Game

There are a number of Ninja Concept games available for download in Tizen Store, and so far this game is one of the best Ninja action game that you can download.

Ninja Assassins”, an action packed game full of slashing and hacking. It’s a challenging game and as a ninja your goal is to kill all the enemies from village to village, using your weapons, a katana and some ninja darts, use it to kill your enemies.

In this game you have several ways to evade or kill enemies, you can kill them with a slash of your katana, or hit them with darts from afar, if you are cornered by your enemies, you can use the jump button to have an evasive maneuver.

Ninja Assassins has nice three dimensional graphics, great sound effects and with several levels and challenges. Right now it is currently free to download from Tizen Store!


Most popular Ninja Fighting game, Magnificent action with hack and slash with a bloody and defiant gameplay.


  • Unlimited fun, many bosses awaiting you to defeat!
  • Intelligent auto save and resume
  • Pro Music and Sound effects
  • Sensitive Mobile Touch Screen Control
  • Our Rating
User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)

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