Zombo Buster Rising – Protect your Base from Horde of Zombies

Yes there is another Zombie game in Tizen Store, another challenging game for the fans to play. It might not be 3D like “Walking Dead” type of game but this game will surely provide a lot of fun and challenge. Download “Zombo Buster Rising” a fun exciting and challenging game in Tizen Store that is free to download.

In Medan City of darkness, the population was hit by a strange disease that makes them Zombies, spread by a mysterious person.  It’s time to protect the city, kill all the zombies. In this game you are a member of Zombo Busters trained to kill different zombies that threatens to destroy your base, it’s your job to protect it, kill the horde of zombies attacking. Watch out for different zombies, with different skills. Zombies maybe Zomboy, Zomgirl that walk fast, the machine, even zombies that fly using balloons. Be careful and watch out as zombies use different tactics in every stage.

As you battle the horde of zombies, you will earn abilities, as well as weapons like TNT, you will also going to have other Zombo buster that will help you in protecting your base, helping you to succeed. Earn points and use it to upgrade your weapons and skills.  Zombo buster is free to download in Tizen Store, with nice graphics, nice story line and gameplay.

Description: Zombo Buster Rising a 2D shooting defense game with 2-AI s you don’t feel forever alone.


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