Ramble Race 2 – Motor Cycle Racing Game

Are you a motorcycle guy? If you are, it’s time to wear your helmet, start that 4 stroke engine and squeeze on that accelerator and clutch with Ramble Race 2.


Download this “Ramble Race 2” for Tizen phone, a bike racing game to fuel your thirst for speed. The bike racing game features 3D graphics and nice different scenery. Rush to race in the highway from City, Savanna, Mountain and Bridge, great view while you race into the busy street, going in and out of the traffic.

Select from 4 game modes, a one way, two way, time trial or free ride, control your motorcycle by either tilt or touch. Try to earn dollars by accomplishing several task like keeping above 80 km/h or reach your best distance, earn also for moving closer to other vehicles, close overtake, and other stunt. Try to collect dollars as you can, the money you earned can be use to unlock new and amazing bikes.

Ramble Race 2, a coo monitoring racing game that is free to download from Tizen Store.

Description: Ramble Race 2 is a new style of bike racing game. Offers real world bike racing feel with equitable gameplay design. Carefully control your bike with acceleration, brake and horn in the rush traffic.

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