Call of Duty app for Tizen phones – Get Ready to Storm the Frontline

Get ready for the final assault as you are called for duty to defend the country and the humanity as a whole to fight terrorism. Along with 120,000 commandos, you will storm the frontline in several countries form Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and South East Asia.

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Download this action packed game for your Tizen phone “Call of Duty” a shooting game where you are a commando, you can use assault rifles, grenade, sniper rifles to kill the enemy. It’s a 3D action game with different level and several missions. Don’t get spotted by the enemy as surely they call will call for reinforcement, making it difficult for you to achieve your mission. The game Call of Duty has good graphics, nice sound effects. It’s about 88 MB so make it sure that you have a steady WIFI connection and huge storage space.



Use joystick to control commando runs around map. Use lighter to attention to the enemy. Only fire when necessary because enemies can find you. When one or more enemies die you can use smoke item to hide them and get bonus items.

When you killed all terrorists in mission you must go to helicopter to finish mission.

Take to the frontline with assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade, med kits, armour and more!


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