Mad Snowboarding – Amazing World of Snowboard Game

Love snowboarding? If you are a fan of snowboarding, download this 3D game in Tizen Store. Mad Snowboarding, brought to us by Denis Lapiner.

This game has an amazing 3D graphics, a challenging map with different obstacles and tricks that you can do. Show your tricks and stunts, get high scores. As you gain more points unlock new characters and maps. The game has also several levels, plus it has a built in level editor to create your own levels and challenges which you can share to the community.

mad-snowboarding-app mad-snowboarding-tizen-app mad-snowboarding-tizen mad-snowboarding

In playing the game you have the option to “Tilt”,”JoyStick” or “buttons” to control your character. In your quest to the finish line, avoid cliffs and deep crevasse, reach the finish line and get a high score. If you want to see the replay of your successful finish, it has a built in replay to watch it again and see the stunts and tricks that you have done. Download the game now “Mad Snowboarding”


Description:  Mad Snowboarding a crazy open world snowboard game. Reach the finish and make as many tricks as possible on your way down the mountain. Mad Snowboarding has a built in level editor, which allows you to create own levels and share them with the community.


  • Open World
  • Various Tricks
  • 4 Player split screen
  • High scores, replay and ghosts
  • 5 Characters

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