Samsung SM-Z930F Another Tizen phone Model?

All eyes on the August 23, 2016, the next Tizen phone, the unveiling of the Samsung Z2 (SM-Z200H). It is not yet known whether the Z2 will be available in other countries as well such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey but one thing is confirmed, the Samsung Z2 will be unveiled on or shall we say presented in India on August 23, 2016 and will also going to be available in the said country.

SM-Z930F Tizen phone

While everyone focuses on the Samsung Z2, a shipment manifest on Zauba, details a new phone model SM-Z930F, origin country is from South Korea bound to Bangalore India, and it’s for research and development purposes. It’s not yet verified whether the mobile phone is a Tizen phone model or not, but if it’s a Tizen phone there is a huge possibility that the phone is a high end one based on the estimated price of the phone per unit which is 3x times the price of the Samsung Z2,  and much pricey than that of the  Samsung Z3, although it is not the actual price, but on the price listed per unit, it is possible that the SM-Z930F do have a high end specs.

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