Freaking Math Tizen app – Show the Math Wizard in you

Are you a math wizard? Is a simple arithmetic is just a walk in the park for you? Well if you think you are smart when it comes to math and you are up for a challenge, download and try this freaking app for your Tizen phone, download Freaking Math.

Freaking-Math-Tizen-app Freaking-Math-Tizen-apps Freaking-Math-Tizen-appz

Freaking Math, an app to test your basic math skills as well as your reflexes and your brain to think fast, the app is just adding numbers, see if the answer is correct or not, it’s easy right?  You might say yes, and I agree with you on this, but with the pressure of time, it’s a bit hard and frustrating making you mad, and you might say it’s FREAKING MATH!

Download the game and get the highest score!


Description: Freaking Math can make you Freaking mad!

How to Play:

You have only one second to choose correct answer

Reach high score

Beat your Friends

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